Contentstack, a creator of the Headless CMS and the Composable DXP category, announced a new solution to address personalization challenges for digital marketers: an overreliance on IT, generic AI content, and manual processes that impede scale. Contentstack’s solution includes new features that are integrated within the headless CMS as well as “no-fail promise” customer support services:

  • Personalize – An A/B/n testing and segmentation engine that removes obstacles tied to the implementation and operationalization of personalized content.
  • Brand Kit– A writing assistant that produces brand-relevant, AI-generated content at scale to align with the brand’s style, messaging, and defined Voice Profiles.
  • New extensions for Contentstack Automate – Teams can now develop fully automated sequences to address the complete lifecycle of personalized content and experiences.
  • Expanded Academy and new AI Accelerator program– Additional tools, training, and support to help achieve success on practical AI use cases within weeks.

Brand Kit sits on top of AI Assistant, the native LLM launched last year. It allows marketers to create high-quality, AI-generated content specific to the brand across all channels and platforms. The process is also fully automated via new AI connectors within Contentstack Automate.