Ontotext, a provider of enterprise knowledge graph (EKG) technology and semantic database engines, announced the latest version of its LinkedLifeData (LLD) Inventory solution, an accelerator for building knowledge graphs. Providing 200+ semantic-ready biomedical datasets, and available immediately, LinkedLifeData Inventory 1.4 serves as a resource for the scientific community, fostering multidisciplinary exploration and analysis across various facets of Life Sciences and Healthcare research.

Covering data in multiple modalities, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular interactions, and biological processes, LinkedLifeData Inventory allows healthcare and life sciences professionals to access public datasets and ontologies in Resource Description Framework (RDF) format to ensure semantic richness and interoperability, facilitate advanced data integration, semantic querying, and insight generation in alignment with FAIR data principles.

LinkedLifeData Inventory helps pharma companies discover and repurpose existing drugs to treat rare and newly identified diseases. Biotech companies leverage LLD Inventory to identify new drug targets and build model datasets, while research teams use it to efficiently navigate the huge volume and wide range of data about genes, proteins, compounds, diseases, etc. Enhancements include:

  • Automated data ingestion and updating
  • Entity linking and improved metadata governance
  • AI-generated Gene-disease link prediction datasets
  • Newly added datasets
  • Transformation of complex derivative datasets