The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced Apache Wicket v10.0. Apache Wicket is an open source Java framework that enables developers to create feature rich websites and applications quickly while also using less code.

Since 2006, Apache Wicket has been a go-to framework for elegant, responsive, and simple HTML pages that are well suited for web designers seeking to test the applications they are building. By leveraging the latest features of Java 17 and the specifications of Jakarta Servlet, Apache Wicket 10.0 is a stable and mature framework for web and application developers seeking an efficient way to implement large codebases. Apache Wicket powers thousands of web applications and websites and is utilized worldwide. Apache Wicket 10.0 includes 20 new features, bug fixes and improvements while continuing to support the latest Java technologies. Key highlights of Apache Wicket 10.0 include:

  • To improve JPMS adoption, Apache Wicket 10.0 introduces the new module wicket-tester containing common classes for unit testing. Users of class WicketTester must now include this module as test dependency;
  • Apache Wicket now includes HTTP2 support within the wicket core module; and
  • ByteBuddy has replaced CGLib for creating serializable proxies for classes.