Stardog, a provider of an enterprise knowledge graph platform, announced Stardog 9, with a range of new features and enhancements that enable organizations to easily connect data, people, and processes, and improve performance, scalability, and security. With this release, Stardog’s knowledge graph powered semantic layer has new integrations for Azure Synapse, Collibra Data Governance and Databricks. Benefits include:

  • Expanded Data Access: Stardog 9 supports federated access to Azure Synapse which enhances connectivity to data in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen-2 (ADLS2), reducing the friction in accessing and connecting data through meaning for self-serve analytics.
  • Activated Metadata: Stardog 9 extends Stardog’s Knowledge Catalog to harvest enterprise metadata with integrations for Collibra and Microsoft Purview Data catalogs (in-preview mode only), and any JDBC-accessible data source. These integrations make it easy to semantically-enrich technical metadata with business concepts and enable Data Governance teams and end users to search, query, and explore data assets with an Enterprise Metadata Knowledge Graph.
  • Smart, Automated Entity Linking Across Data Silos: Stardog 9 can identify and link data associated with business objects across data landscapes for better decisions in support of use-cases from Customer 360 to Digital Twin to Fraud Detection, leveraging Databricks Spark to process data.