Syncro Soft, developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, announced the availability of version 25.1 of its XML suite of products: Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, Publishing Engine, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and Scripting, as well as version 3.0 of the Oxygen Feedback comment management platform.

Highlights include productivity improvements for DITA authors and DITA publishers who produce either CSS-based PDF or WebHelp output. JSON schema designers get functionality to help them in Design mode, upgrades to JSON tools, and support for editing JSON Lines documents. YAML editing support is now similar to Oxygen’s JSON support. The scripting community now has access to ready-to-use GitHub project templates and GitHub actions that allow users to automate scripts and some of the existing scripts were improved, while new ones were added.

Oxygen XML Web Author comes with updates for the comparison tool and image maps, new plugins are available for adding support for CALS tables in custom frameworks, rendering LaTeX equations, and providing client-side evaluation of XPath expressions. The latest version of Oxygen Feedback is the Content Indexing and Search feature, which enables you to utilize Oxygen Feedback as an external search engine for your published Oxygen WebHelp Responsive output.