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News comes from Ontotext, Acquia, Lucid Software, and Databricks.

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Opinion / Analysis

The Road to ChatGPT — An informal explainer on how ChatGPT was built

Rama Ramakrishnan…
“I have written an informal “explainer” on how ChatGPT was built. I have tried to focus on the key ideas and have kept technical details to the bare minimum. Please view in full-screen mode. I hope you find it useful.”

This is excellent. You truly don’t need to be technical to follow it. Don’t let the 104 slides scare you off; you can fly through most of them.

Introduction to Data-Centric AI

“In real-world applications, data is messy and improving models is not the only way to get better performance. You can also improve the dataset itself rather than treating it as fixed. Data-Centric AI (DCAI) is an emerging science that studies techniques to improve datasets, which is often the best way to improve performance in practical ML applications.”

MIT has made this course freely available to all. Lectures and materials are online. This is a valuable resource for professional practitioners as well as students. (1 min for the course description – the rest is up to you).

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Content technology news

Ontotext releases GraphDB 10.2

Model Serving provides fully managed production machine learning (ML) capabilities natively within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Acquia adds integrations to Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

The new integrations give customers more control over brand consistency, extend the value of content and data created in other systems.

Lucid Software announces new integrations to enhance collaboration

Integrations streamline processes and workflows within a company’s tech stack and creates a foundation for effective and efficient collaboration.

Databricks launches Databricks Model Serving

Model Serving provides fully managed production machine learning (ML) capabilities natively within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

All content technology news

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