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Day: February 15, 2023

TerminusDB launches TerminusCMS

TerminusDB announced the launch of a product called TerminusCMS that connects content, documentation, data, and processes to turn content management from a resource drain into a cross-functional semantic knowledge centre.

TerminusCMS is an open-source, headless, and developer-focused content and knowledge management system. Under the hood is an RDF graph database that connects JSON documents into a graph. It is schema-based and the schema prompts developers to model their knowledge management requirements. By modeling requirements and incorporating operational/transactional data, content, documentation, and media, businesses create an organization-wide knowledge graph. This knowledge graph bridges content and data silos but also includes business logic in the form of graph edges: the relationships between data and content.

Global organizations are complicated environments with huge supply chains, multi-regional teams, and local regulatory compliance needs. Semantic relationships between people, content, and data make the job of obtaining knowledge from day-to-day operations and transactions possible. TerminusCMS has an analytics engine that enables developers to use GraphQL as a proper graph query language. Often hidden transactional and operational data, and once siloed content, is discoverable and useable with TerminusCMS.

Stilo management buys out Stilo Corporation

Stilo Corporation announced that the management team, comprised of Bryan Tipper (CEO) and Jackson Klein (CTO), have acquired 100% of Stilo Corporation’s shares. The acquisition transfers all IP, trademarks, and customer contracts as it relates to Stilo’s suite of software products:

  • OmniMark: A well-established development platform used to build high-performance content processing applications integral to enterprise publishing solutions.
  • Migrate: An automated cloud XML content conversion tool enabling organizations to improve turnaround times, reduce operating costs, and take direct control of their work schedules.
  • OptimizeR: A tool to help automate the deduplication of DITA content, improve content consistency, and help maximize the opportunity for content reuse.
  • Analyzer: An interactive platform that enables users to identify content reuse across multiple source formats, pinpoint potential cost savings, and generate compelling and detailed graphical reports.

With the change in ownership structure, Stilo Corporation will be able to significantly reduce corporate overheads and reinvest these savings into new product development.

Gilbane Advisor 2-15-23 — Blurry JPEGS, Meta pixels, ontologies

This week we feature articles by Ted Chiang, and Maria Puertas & Simon Fondrie-Teitler.

Additional reading from Heather Hedden, Benj Edwards, and Tom Warren.

News comes from Weaviate, Expert[.]ai, MadCap Software, and Open Applications Group.

All previous issues are available at

Opinion / Analysis

ChatGPT is a blurry JPEG of the Web

This analogy to lossy compression is not just a way to understand ChatGPT’s facility at repackaging information found on the Web by using different words. It’s also a way to understand the “hallucinations,” or nonsensical answers to factual questions, to which large language models such as ChatGPT are all too prone.

Ted Chiang does an excellent job of communicating to a non-technical audience why caution is called for in the use of large language models. (13 min).

How to fix your organization’s Meta pixel problem

Do you know whether, or what, information you are tracking and sending to Meta / Facebook? Does your company’s privacy policy makes claims about protecting customer data? If so, you may want to verify those claims are, in fact, supported across the organization. This may not be easy due to old code, turnover, size, and the number of websites and applications you have. The Markup’s Maria Puertas and Simon Fondrie-Teitler show you how to use their free research tool get started. (9 min).

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Content technology news

Weaviate releases generative search module

Combines language abilities like ChatGPT’s with a vector database that is relevant, secure, real time, and less prone to hallucination.

Expert[.]ai announces new features to hybrid natural language platform

New features include expanded on-premise deployment options, enhanced taxonomy management via 3rd-party knowledge sources, and library integrations.

Madcap Software adds cloud-based authoring to MadCap Central

You can now create and edit files, and maintain projects uploaded to MadCap Central independent of MadCap Flare.

Open Applications Group releases IOF Ontology Version 202301

Includes IOF Core in the Released status and the Supply Chain and the Maintenance Reference Ontologies in the Provisional Status.

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