This week we feature articles by Amber Case, and Jeff Jarvis.

Additional reading from Vera Smirnoff, Ellane W, and Jeremie Pineau.

News comes from, Bloomreach, Optimizely, and Neo4j.

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Opinion / Analysis

Browsers reimagined

Browsers are the lens through which we see the web. And considering how much the content of the web has changed over the past few decades … it sometimes feels a little strange that the browser experience has remained more or less the same.

Amber Case has some suggestions for future browsers / versions. (13 min).

Hope for a Post-Musk Net. A federated future and suggestions for citizens and institutions

Jeff Jarvis is not leaving Twitter. But he is also now happily on Mastodon, rooting for Bluesky, a fan of protocols over platforms, and owning your own presence and content. Having your own website and using platforms for additional distribution, as I do, is the way to go if you can, but protocols can help everyone get back some control. (8 min).

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Content technology news

Bloomreach joins the MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance certifies that Bloomreach meets the MACH standard of being Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless.

Optimizely launches digital experience platform on Azure

Their content management system (CMS), and commerce, and personalization solutions are now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. enhances hybrid AI platform

New capabilities fortify knowledge models, deliver new solutions for Life Science, harness language understanding for intelligent automation.

Neo4j releases Neoj4 5 graph database

Neo4j 5 improves query performance, and eases Fabric database creation, autonomous clustering, and operations and administration.

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