This week we feature articles by Alan Morrison, and Terry Crowley. 

Additional reading from Mike Loukides, Louise de Leyritz, Seb Joseph, and David Darnes.

News comes from Tridion, TransPerfect & Brightcove, Contentful, Acquia, and TigerGraph.

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Opinion / Analysis

One big graph and the interorganization

Alan Morrison makes the case for a less-hyped version of web3 as an “evolution of P2P networking + shared file systems” that is achievable today — not that it will be easy given the huge technical debt we are currently saddled with. Morrison’s argument however is appealing and a worthy and easy read. (4 min).

APIs don’t matter?!?

APIs are of course valuable for platform, application, and line-of business developers, but as API ecosystems evolve over time the value to each of these shifts. Terry Crowley explains, for example, how the moat value of APIs to platforms degrades over time. Crowley also looks at other ways the value changes that anyone in the API value chain ecosystem will benefit from understanding. (11 min).

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Content technology news

Tridion now available for small-to-medium sized businesses

Developed in partnership with EXLRT, Tridion Sites Editions support businesses web content management needs throughout global expansion.

TransPerfect debuts MediaNEXT integration for Brightcove

The integration pulls source material automatically and securely from Brightcove into MediaNEXT for translation and localization.

Contentful announces new capabilities to content platform

Includes their vision and the new Contentful Studio product, platform orchestration capabilities, and App Framework.

Acquia announces updates to Acquia Code Studio

New updates integrate Code Studio with the Acquia Cloud Platform UI, reducing effort during the procurement and configuration processes.

TigerGraph to support openCypher in GSQL

Gives developers more choice to build or migrate graph applications to TigerGraph’s scalable, secure, and managed graph database platform.

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