Kontent by Kentico announced that they raised an investment of $40 million from Expedition Growth Capital and became a standalone enterprise. Now Kontent.ai, which originally started in 2015 as an internal startup within Kentico, will operate as a separate company, focused on targeting high-level enterprise organizations. This allows Kentico Xperience to return to its roots and refresh its name to Kentico. Petr Palas, the founder of Kentico, is now Chairman of the Board for both companies and the newly formed board has appointed Dominik Pinter, as Chief Executive Officer of Kentico.

Kentico started with a content management system (CMS) in 2004 and have since created two products: a digital experience platform (DXP) with content management, digital marketing, and commerce capabilities, and a headless CMS. In May 2020, the company split into two divisions; Kentico Xperience (DXP) and Kontent by Kentico (headless CMS). 

The investment into the Kontent by Kentico division will be redirected straight into the DXP. With heavy investment in product development, the plan is to hire at least 60 more people over the next 12 months to join the 160+ global team.