This is a guest post from friend and colleague Girish Altekar, who has been working on this idea and technology for some time. I have been involved as an advisor for a couple of years, and will be republishing the series of posts he refers to below. Check it out…

Be Intrepid on the web

Over the next few days, we take the wraps off a new way to manage personal data. We will showcase applications that empower individuals to manage and reuse their data efficiently while enhancing data privacy, increasing data control, and facilitating genuine competitiveness in marketplaces they are interested in. Our Intrepids technology is a liberating technology for data owners as, untethered from call centers, complex web sites, and repeated data entry, data owners are free to go about their lives feeling secure about their personal data and knowing that their Intrepid driven requests are being honored accurately.

Businesses benefit also. The authentication and accuracy that is built into Intrepid driven data transfer empowers business applications to rely on actual dependable user data, instead of screen scraping and heuristics. Dependable data reduces the need for data verification and cleansing and drives the creation of new innovative applications that reduce business costs and improve customer experience. 

A key difference between Intrepids and other approaches is that user data encapsulated in Intrepids stays with users, not with or related servers. Intrepid servers facilitate the data transfer, but all user data is purged when the requested user transaction is completed.

These posts are intended to generate two kinds of interest.

  1. We want to see if there is user interest in a privacy mechanism such as Intrepids. Please feel free to try out any application and give us your feedback if you think Intrepids, if/when widely adopted, may be useful to you.
  2. We are also looking for strategic business partners who may be interested in exploring the use of Intrepids for their businesses and customers. Remember that any repetitive or burdensome data transfer can be eliminated by using Intrepids.

We would be honored if you felt like passing these posts on to colleagues and friends who may have an interest. 

In the next post we start with the first Intrepid example.

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