The second post from Girish Altekar on Intrepid technology and applications*. The introductory post is here and all our re-published intrepid posts are here.

Let’s look at the Travel Intrepid. 

When attempting to book a travel plan that is the cheapest or has the most convenient schedule or is the most flexible, we typically use multiple travel sites and go through multiple iterations with dates, connecting cities etc. to arrive at an optimum booking. In each of the iterations, reentry of travel dates, preferences, and other pieces of data is required. Even after an acceptable itinerary is created, travel info, passport info, Known Traveler Numbers etc. for all travelers in your family needs to be reentered again and again for every trip you plan. 

Try the Travel Profile Intrepid (at, a structured version of your family’s travel profile. This profile allows you to capture your family’s relatively static travel data and preferences, and you can create a new one for a new trip by changing only the trip data (dates, destinations etc.). Once a trip/travel profile is created, you can use it to search for itineraries many times at Intrepid compatible sites by simply tweaking the new Travel Intrepid. When an itinerary is created, all the data needed to book the itinerary is already with the travel provider.  

Create your own Travel Profile Intrepid at and upload it back to see its contents. For testing, you can create it with as much or as little, real, or fake, data. Only your correct email is required to deliver your Travel Profile Intrepid to you. All data entered at is purged when the Intrepid is transmitted – none of it is stored. Try it out.

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*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.