The third post from Girish Altekar on Intrepid technology and applications*. The introductory post is here and all our re-published intrepid posts are here.

Next, we look at the Intrepid Resume (, a structured version of your resume. 

The idea behind the Intrepid Resume is that instead of storing CV/Resume data information in Word (and subsequently pdf files), this data can be stored in a Resume Intrepid so it can be shared and repurposed to many applications; think not just recruiters, but also conference bios, publications, paper submissions, employment history during a mortgage or rental application, etc. Creating a structured resume allows an easy and quick transmission and reuse of your resume data. 

The receiving application can take any subset of the Intrepid data and use it for their purposes. These applications can analyze the data to extract intelligence about candidates and can build a more complete picture of the applicant without the guesswork of heuristics.

You can create your own Resume on the Intrepid Resume ( page and upload it back to see its contents. For testing, you can create it with as much or as little, real, or fake, data. Only your correct email is required to deliver your Resume Intrepid to you. All data entered at is purged when the Intrepid is transmitted – none of it is stored. Try it out.

We are interested in your feedback.

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Summing it up And Current Status

*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.