This week we feature an article from Michael Andrews.

Additional reading comes from Piethein Strengholt, Cade Metz, and Petr Korab.

News comes from Ontotext, Contentstack, Syncro Soft, SimInsights, and Deepnote.

Opinion / Analysis

Your markup is showing

“Markup is supposed to make content better. So why does it frequently make content worse?” Michael Andrews reminds us that even simple markup, such as Markdown, needs to be used carefully and comes with a cognitive cost. He also provides some all to familiar examples of markup mistakes that authors dread and publishers would prefer to avoid. (5 min)

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Content technology news

Ontotext gets growth funding to meet demand for graph technology

Ontotext will accelerate its international expansion and go-to-market operations, focusing on the US market.

SimInsights launches no-code XR authoring platform

HyperSkill authoring with block-based coding 3D simulation software for virtual and augmented reality and AI powered training.

Contentstack launches no-code Automation Hub

Automation Hub addresses the technical complexity and operational challenges that composable architectures can introduce.

Deepnote data notebook comes out of beta

Deepnote is a new data science notebook for data teams to improve collaboration, modern data stack integration, and productivity.

Syncro Soft releases Oxygen Content Fusion version 5.0

The collaboration platform is designed to improve any documentation review process. New features include a new Search side-view, UI updates…

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