This week we have content from Rachel Dulberg, and Cobus Greyling. News comes from dtSearch, MACH Alliance and AWS, Nosto and SearchNode, and Databricks.

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Apple and Google are drawing the line on app privacy

Rachel Dulberg provides a quick update on the lumbering global privacy legislation, and then discusses the privacy rules Google and Apple are already putting in place in their app stores. Presumably, any organization with an app is going to have to do something, and soon. Fortunately, both companies have similar rules and Dulberg has some advice. (6 min read)

Updated: the current conversational AI & chatbot landscape

Making astute technology decisions at the inception of your chatbot journey has a significant impact on what your chatbot’s trajectory will be…

Cobus Greyling provides lots of detail on frameworks and tools to help you navigate. (10 min read)

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Content technology news

AWS joins MACH Alliance

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined as an Enabler member, those that enable a MACH provider but don’t offer a direct MACH solution.

dtSearch updates product line

Includes Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, .NET 6 Support; Apple Silicon M1/ARM Developer Build; Multithreaded 64-bit Windows/Linux Preview.

Nosto acquires SearchNode, adds ecommerce Search to CX

Pairs SearchNode’s natural language processing search technology with Nosto’s CX personalization and merchandising capabilities.

Databricks launches Data Lakehouse for Retail

Lakehouse for Retail Solution Accelerators offer a blueprint of data analytics and machine learning use cases and practices.

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