Datawords Group, an agency focused on multicultural technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with Contentful, a content platform for digital-first business. Datawords and Contentful will provide businesses with an advanced approach combining technology integration and cultural intelligence to facilitate the work of in-house digital teams, all while improving the user experience of individual customers.

Contentful unifies content in a single hub and structures it for use across digital channels so digital teams can assemble content and deliver digital experiences faster and at scale. With an API-first approach, Contentful can be integrated with a company’s existing systems and extended through Contentful’s App Framework.

Datawords, meanwhile, combines a mastery of local cultures with technological expertise to roll out international strategies for global brands across all digital platforms. Through the partnership, Datawords helps clients and prospects implement Contentful’s platform to further leverage their content as a strategic asset. The combined expertise of Datawords and Contentful will enable clients to deliver differentiated, culturally-specific digital experiences faster.