We’re publishing a day early this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. While the holiday is on Thursday, a large part of the population checks out tomorrow.

This week we have articles from Siobhan Roberts and James Governor. News comes from Netlify and OneGraph, Snowflake, Datadobi, and Databricks.

Opinion / Analysis

An E. coli biocomputer solves a maze by sharing the work

E. coli thrives in our guts, sometimes to unfortunate effect, and it facilitates scientific advances—in DNA, biofuels, and Pfizer’s covid vaccine, to name but a few. Now this multitalented bacterium has a new trick: it can solve a classic computational maze problem using distributed computing—dividing up the necessary calculations among different types of genetically engineered cells.

Siobhan Roberts reports on how this promising and fascinating feat of synthetic biology was accomplished.


The great smooshing: fragmentation and not fragmentation in technology infrastructure

Of course there is bundling and unbundling, but that is just one piece of the larger, more complex, and eternal software opera. James Governor explains and demonstrates the smooshing etc., and describes the current state of the cycle.


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Content technology news

Netlify acquires OneGraph GraphQL platform

OneGraph will drive innovation in the Netlify platform to make it easier to build and manage integrations across third-party services and access internal services and data.

Snowflake announces Python support and more

To help organizations operate across clouds and regions & data engineering and data science teams build pipelines, ML workflows, and applications faster.

Datadobi introduces DobiMigrate API

DobiMigrate Version 5.13’s new API will allow organizations to programmatically configure unstructured data migrations using the API.

Databricks launches Partner Connect

To make it easier for customers to discover and connect popular data, analytics, and AI tools to their lakehouse, and deliver native product integrations.

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