With the release of the new text variants suggestions feature, Berlin-based AI company Retresco, an expert in Natural Language Generation, provides a software function that uses artificial intelligence to automatically produce phrasing suggestions in the form of complete sentences. This function automates the creative writing process, shortens it, and increases text variance without user intervention, augmenting human creativity with AI.

Retresco’s NLG software (textengine.io) independently suggests high-quality texts based on a sample sentence entered within milliseconds and without complicated setup by the user. The automatically generated texts can be adopted either partially or completely and be revised at any time. Human and machine thus work hand in hand: the software generates data-based text suggestions, while the human user ultimately decides how to use them. The result: significantly greater text variance, more efficient processes in the creation of texts, a better user experience, and support for the most difficult aspect of writing: creativity. This feature is particularly relevant in cases where large volumes of versatile, high-quality text are required at frequent intervals and often under time pressure. In e-commerce, for instance, online stores need numerous product descriptions that, above all, have to be highly varied and SEO-optimized.