DRUID introduces Oxygen, its latest technology release to advance the conversational automation space by making AI-driven virtual assistants’ deployments dramatically faster and simpler for companies of any size. DRUID Oxygen also introduces a new, more straightforward way for clients to design their intelligent virtual assistant with the help of an intuitive graphic interface. Conversational experiences can be designed visually by dragging and dropping different conversational flows into one diagram, which shows how the conversation with the bot would evolve. At the same time, this makes the chatbot implementation equally fast for a multinational with distributed teams of thousands of people as a small company with a dozen employees.

DRUID intelligent virtual assistants use an advanced NLP engine and proprietary conversational technology to accept and take action on virtually any data or document request within an enterprise’s technology ecosystem. Available in more than 45 languages, on any communication channel, including MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp Business, FB Messenger, WeChat, and more. DRUID also includes more than 500 predefined conversational templates, targeting specific roles and processes in Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Logistics, and other industries.