Amplitude, a Digital Optimization System, introduced Amplitude Experiment, an experimentation solution combining customer behavior and product analytics. Amplitude Experiment provides organizations an end-to-end experimentation and delivery workflow that integrates customer data into every step from generating a hypothesis to targeting users to measuring results. Organizations can run higher impact A/B tests and remotely configure experiences for key segments. 

Organizations can get stuck in low-value activities that don’t drive growth, like testing small tweaks to copy and color changes or using basic on/off toggling to manage new feature release risk, or they waste resources and time on experiments that are doomed to fail, like starting from a weak hypothesis or not being able to reach the right segments. The Behavioral Graph and Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System, Amplitude Experiment addresses these challenges by resolving the underlying issues of experiment design, targeting, identity resolution and analysis. With the Amplitude Experiment solution, organizations have a complete learning and growth loop from insight to action to testing and delivery in a single system. 

  • Amplitude Analytics identifies problems, uncovers opportunities, and measures impact. 
  • Amplitude Recommend matches the right messages, content, and items to each individual user.
  • Amplitude Experiment tests bets and serves the best experience to customers.