Asana, Inc. announced a suite of features to eliminate distributed work distractions and help employees find their focus. The new productivity offerings enable people to reduce meetings with Video Messaging, prioritize their work with intelligent My Tasks, create time for focus with Clockwise’s smart calendar assistant, and quiet notifications with the Asana desktop app.

Video Messaging: In partnership with Vimeo, a video platform, Asana now offers Video Messaging, giving teams the ability to record short videos of themselves and/or their screen directly in Asana, and show work to teammates. Automated video transcripts become an accountable part of the plan of record housed in Asana’s Work Graph data model.

My Tasks: With the personal prioritization system, customers can now organize their work in Kanban, list, and calendar versions of their tasks.

Smart Calendar Assistant Integration: By entering the amount of time needed and when you want to work, Clockwise will automatically reserve time on your calendar to complete the task. Once scheduled, customers will see the task calendar event in their Google Calendar.

Asana Desktop App: Available on Mac and Windows, Asana’s desktop app has been purpose-built to block out noise and help focus. ▪︎