IOS Press, an international publisher providing content and services for scientific, technical, and medical (STM) communities, announced the relaunch of the renewed LD Connect (Linked Data Connect) website. Providing publicly available linked machine-readable metadata from all IOS Press journals and books, LD Connect has been completely rebuilt and rebranded. Located at, it features enhanced browse and semantic search capabilities, expanded data, and new tools. It also constructs artificial intelligence (AI)-powered embeddings derived from all full text data, further unsiloing research data and enriching contextual relationships.

By enriching and fostering the interlinking of data, contextual relationships among authors, institutions, and research areas can be visualized and interpreted and new relationships uncovered. LD Connect builds a knowledge graph using links between the data known as “triples” in the form of subject-predicate-object expressions. Constructed from metadata from all IOS Press content, the portal currently contains about 16 million triples that provide a complete ecosystem of IOS Press scholarly relationships. Affiliations are geocoded and authors as well as affiliations are disambiguated using a co-reference resolution script.

LD Connect lets users explore its knowledge graph by browsing or using expert level semantic search. In addition, the complete dataset, its subsets, and additional technical details can be explored and downloaded. The LD Connect team seeks collaboration with other datasets and parties and welcomes feedback and suggestions. ▪︎