announced Message intelligence 2.1, an intelligent document processing solution (IDP) that provides high accuracy in filtering, classification, and extraction of emails, attachments, and other types of unstructured documents. Leveraging’s method for natural language understanding (NLU), Message Intelligence 2.1 enables higher productivity, fewer false positives, and less manual intervention. It also requires far less material to train custom classifiers and extraction models, speeding up time to production/value. This is valuable around situations where there is a lack of training material.

The product allows a user to easily create pipelines to intelligently process documents. A key capability of Message Intelligence 2.1 is that it allows a subject matter expert to easily create pipelines with components including inputs, filters, classifiers, extractions, and actions. The product comes with tools for building classifiers and extraction models, so that subject matter experts do not need the intervention of AI experts or data scientists to adapt the system to the specific classification and extraction needs of their organization.’s Message Intelligence solution is especially useful in situations where large quantities of messages and documents come in daily through emails, website submissions or social media. Pricing based on volume of emails and/or documents processed.