Aarth Software, a digital transformation company, is partnering with eccenca as a solution provider for semantic data management. Aarth is committed to mature an organization’s understanding of data and transform decision making with meaningful insights. They will use the semantic data management platform solution by eccenca in projects where customers strive for better data quality and process understanding to leverage automation and artificial intelligence solutions.

The knowledge graph platform software enables the comprehensive management of enterprise data and its related processes, rules, constraints, capabilities and configurations in a single application. By this eccenca provides an enterprise-ready solution for limitless data integration and preparation. Both capabilities are the foundation to establish and automate advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence applications in businesses. By making enterprise data both machine-readable and human-interpretable, enterprises are enabled to drive agility, autonomy and automation without disrupting existing IT infrastructures.

eccenca will become an integral part of Aarth’s project consultancy strategy to lift enterprise data from its silos and make it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable throughout the organization. Aarth will provide data utilization capabilities for business driven strategic use cases.

https://eccenca.com/products/enterprise-knowledge-graph-platform-corporate-memory ▪︎ https://www.aarth.io