SAP SE said it has created one marketplace for solutions and services from SAP and its partners, merging SAP App Center for partner solutions with SAP Store for SAP solutions to simplify the customer shopping experience. New SAP Store capabilities include a unified home page and intelligent search functionality, which bring together all of SAP’s digitally available solutions from partner apps. Partner solutions certified by SAP and SAP Endorsed Apps are prominently noted with visual identifiers. These features make it easier to navigate through SAP and partner solutions, allowing customers to browse by industries, categories, SAP products and lines of business. Additional features include an updated category menu, guided search, favorite product pages, and search filtering tips.

SAP’s consolidated search was built with impartiality in mind to help customers discover products and solutions that best fit their needs. Although SAP products are visually identifiable, SAP says the search functionality is fair and unbiased, presenting all products that fit the search. The same holds true for the content accompanying each search and offering. Category landing pages show customer reviews of SAP and partner solutions, with quotes and ratings. SAP’s goal is to provide a better customer experience whether purchasing for personal use or for a large enterprise.