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Day: February 10, 2021

Elastic adds new capabilities across solutions

Elastic announced new capabilities and updates across its Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability and Security solutions. With searchable snapshots, users can retain and search their data on low-cost object stores such as AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage, which can reduce storage costs. Searchable snapshots support a new cold tier capability, which is now generally available and also available in Elastic Cloud.

Expanded capabilities in Elastic Enterprise Search include a new web crawler for Elastic App Search and support for Box as a content source inside Elastic Workplace Search. The web crawler retrieves information from publicly accessible websites to make that content easily searchable in App Search engines, and the schema is inferred upon ingestion and can be updated in near real time with one click.

New in Elastic 7.11, the beta of schema on read with runtime fields gives users the ability to define the schema for their index at query time. Users can choose between flexibility and cost efficiency with schema on read or fast performance with schema on write. Elastic Observability introduces new topline views for Elastic APM and Elastic Metrics, making it easy for users to quickly spot and triage application and infrastructure performance issues.

Gatsby announces new JS Plugin for WordPress

Gatsby, Inc. announced general availability of the Gatsby Plugin for WordPress. The Plugin is available for download and is supported in Gatsby Cloud. Using Gatsby as the frontend and WordPress as the backend CMS organizations can deliver richer, more complex, integrated web experiences that combine content from WordPress and other CMSs and web services. Content creators enjoy the same WordPress authoring experience they already know. After content is published in WordPress, Gatsby sources the updated content and generates the static HTML pages. WordPress developers can now use development tools and technologies like Javascript, Git, and modern APIs to create richer, more performant web experiences.

The Gatsby Plugin for WordPress leverages WPGraphQL to enable organizations currently using WordPress to create performant, secure Gatsby web frontends. WPGraphQL is a free, open-source plugin for WordPress that delivers an extendable GraphQL schema and API, which Gatsby leverages to use WordPress as a headless CMS. The Gatsby content hub architecture built on GraphQL can access content from web services and CMSs, including WordPress, utilizing the library of over 2,500 Gatsby Plugins. This enables organizations to create complex, integrated web experiences based on content from multiple data sources.

Box announces new Box Shuttle

Box, Inc. announced an all-new Box Shuttle to make it easier, faster, and less costly to migrate large amounts of content, including permissions and metadata, to the Box Content Cloud. With Box Shuttle, customers get access to content management experts for strategy and execution, change management processes to drive adoption, and technology that will enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. Box Shuttle is now a full-service content migration program for the cloud content management market. With the new Box Shuttle, customers can:

  • Leverage both on-premises and cloud connectors that allow petabyte-scale migration from more than 15 source systems, including file shares, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Workspace, Egnyte, Documentum, OpenText, and FileNet
  • Partner with content migration experts to plan and execute migration projects
  • Re-map content to different owners, or modify permissions during migration – allowing for restructuring and reorganization
  • Preserve business-critical context about content with simple configurations that migrate existing metadata and file version history into Box
  • Accelerate the pace of migration to hundreds of terabytes per day with automatic optimized network utilization and API volumes
  • Increase confidence with real-time migration reporting, visualization, and event monitoring.

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