Agility CMS is a content management system that allows marketing teams to create and manage content across their digital properties. Agility CMS provides tools that close the gap between monolithic traditional CMS platforms and pure developer-centric CMS tools that provides creative freedom for web developers while presenting familiar authoring tools to editors and content creators. Gatsby is a static site generator that allows users to create a static, HTML-based website that doesn’t rely on databases or external data sources at runtime, avoiding server-side processing when accessing your website. Static websites can be a hassle for content editors who have to regularly interact with the website codebase to make updates to content. That is where Agility CMS steps in: by providing a headless content management system for managing the content behind Gatsby in your static websites. Agility CMS provides native support for Gatsby and with Agility’s built-in Page Management, the plugin can automatically generate web pages based on a page tree defined in the CMS. This means editors can create their own pages, add and remove content on each page, and move things around on the sitemap without requiring assistance from a developer.