Digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) company Widen announced a collaboration with digital experience platform (DXP) company, Jahia. The integrated partnership will enable Widen and Jahia to better support brands and businesses to digitally transform their customer offerings on a global scale. With a brand’s perception and recognition built on how the brand is seen by the world, the value of its digital assets is rising. Today’s marketing teams need better accessibility, quicker application, and less duplication of data in order to better carry out their roles of delivering the highest value to their customers. A flexible architecture, cloud infrastructure, and wide integration capabilities make Jahia suited to help marketers take full advantage of their Widen assets. Combining Jahia and Widen enriches Jahia-powered websites and applications with Widen’s DAM capabilities, enabling mutual customers to:

  • Easily find and add Widen assets to their Jahia content
  • Benefit from lighter and faster pages with Widen’s dynamic image resizing capabilities
  • Integrate in real time, ensuring Widen assets are always up-to-date in Jahia
  • Track usage and engagement via Widen’s asset-level analytics,