Glue Collaboration, provider of collaborative, real-time VR software services, announced a new release of Glue that enables greater immersion and frictionless interaction for remote teams as they co-create, learn, plan and share. Glue provides shared virtual environments where dispersed participants can come together as if they were face to face in a real physical space. Appealing to people’s visual, haptic and auditory senses, Glue provides a level of immersion in remote meetings simply not possible with conventional video conferencing software.

Glue introduced new expressive avatars that use artificial intelligence and advanced graphics to more closely mimic people’s behavior and features to make communication feel as natural as it does in the real world. Using the new built-in avatar configurator, users can also create their own avatar, adjusting face shape and features, hair and clothing as well as customizing colors. Millions of permutations are possible. The new operating system comes with speech-to-text technology, a new whiteboard for ideation, now also accessible to non-VR Glue users, as well as a camera that zooms and shoots in the resolution users choose. Glue has also made improvements to the way users manage their teams, files and spaces.