Cisco announced a new Webex App Hub at WebexOne. The new Webex App Hub is a collaboration app ecosystem that includes prebuilt integrations. These integrations make it easy for users to move seamlessly between their favorite apps and for IT to simplify workloads by adding Webex into existing applications. Our platform starts with a programmability and extensibility layer via our open APIs and SDKs. This lets anyone get the capabilities they need with Webex, across calling, messaging, meetings, devices, intelligence and analytics. Integrations in the announcement include: Box, Dropbox, Miro, MURAL, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook, with more coming soon.

The App Hub is where we make it easy for users to find and use integrations within a Webex messaging space, and soon you’ll be able to experience the same thing in a Webex meeting. Users will be able to add and collaborate with third-party applications while in a Webex meeting, then save the work to follow up afterwards. The App Hub is also for IT managers who are looking to make native integrations company-wide.