Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced QuickSight Q to make it simpler for end-users to get more value from their business data using machine learning, among other new analytics analytics capabilities.

Amazon QuickSight Q is a machine learning-powered capability for Amazon QuickSight that lets users type natural language questions about their business data and receive accurate answers in seconds. As users begin typing their questions, Amazon QuickSight Q provides auto-complete suggestions with key phrases and business terms, and automatically performs spell-check and acronym and synonym matching, so users do not have to worry about typos or remembering the exact business terms for the data. Amazon QuickSight Q uses deep learning and machine learning (natural language processing, schema understanding, and semantic parsing for SQL code generation) to generate a data model that automatically understands the meaning of and relationships between business data, so users receive accurate answers to their business questions and do not have to wait for a data model to be built. Amazon QuickSight Q comes pre-trained on data from various domains and industries like sales, marketing, operations, retail, human resources, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and energy.,