Amazon Web Services and Slack Technologies announced a new multi-year agreement to deliver solutions for enterprise workforce collaboration. Slack and AWS will strategically partner to help distributed development teams communicate and become more efficient and agile in managing their AWS resources from inside Slack. Slack will migrate its Slack Calls capability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime, AWS’s communications service that lets users meet, chat, and place business calls. Slack is also leveraging AWS’s global infrastructure to support enterprise customers’ adoption of its platform and to offer them data residency – the ability to choose which country or region their data is stored at rest in while fulfilling compliance requirements. Slack continues to rely on AWS as its preferred cloud provider and will use a range of AWS services, including storage, compute, database, security, analytics, and machine learning, to develop new collaboration features. Additionally, AWS has agreed to use Slack to simplify the way teams at AWS communicate and work together.

Slack and AWS will also extend product integration and deepen interoperability. These integrations include:

  • Amazon Chime infrastructure with Slack Calls
  • AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM)
  • AWS Chatbot integration with Slack
  • Amazon AppFlow integration with Slack,