Reverie Language Technologies announced the launch of Anuvadak, a platform to publish and manage website in any language. India is a country of 1.33 billion, with a 70% literacy rate. Out of these 70% literates, only 10% are English literates; Anuvadak was built keeping in mind that websites in English are not enough to reach out to the 90% language literate populace of the country.

Anuvadak is a one stop platform which can help businesses localise through a unified single click platform. Anuvadak can scale down the website localisation time and can save localisation and content management costs. Anuvadak takes away the technical complexities in localising a website, helping businesses to manage all the localized content in one place, making localized websites as scalable as the source English website. 

  • Machine translation that comes from Reverie’s decade old expertise in Indian language technologies, can be added to Anuvadak
  • Anuvadak’s integration with AI-enabled translation platform reduces the website translation time to one third of the time taken to traditionally translate content in Indian languages
  • With Reverie’s own proprietary Indic fonts built-in, content created through Anuvadak is visually more appealing.
  • Unlike on-demand Indic language plug-ins, Anuvadak helps build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enabled websites in Indian languages, which means that a company’s localised website will start showing up in search queries as more and more Indians will be searching in their own language.