Content management platform provider, Gutenberg Technology (GT), unveiled new platform features to help content authors rapidly create and deploy new products, including advanced functionality that empowers publishers, corporations, and higher education institutions to create audience-specific digital and print content products from within a single workflow. The GT Platform helps content authors across publishing, education, and corporate training create, reuse, and distribute knowledge through:

  • Simultaneous digital/print workflow for different audiences: Sophisticated content reuse tools, including the new contextual audience tagging feature, empower education customers to create specific product versions for teachers, students, and other audiences, simultaneously.
  • Derived products: GT’s platform enables organizations to create derived products using legacy content. By leveraging metadata coupled with contextual audience tags, companies can get new products to specific learners on any device quickly.
  • Create once, publish to any LMS: GT supports the Learner Tool Interoperability (LTI) standard so online program managers (OPM) and certification companies like CompTIA can create content once and publish it to multiple learning management systems (LMS) at different universities. The LTI capabilities give content creators more control over the content being published to LMS systems and enables them to rapidly make changes and updates to courseware in real-time.