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Day: November 4, 2020

Markzware added QXPMarkz macOS to Q2ID bundle

Markzware, a software developer for the printing, publishing and graphic design industries, added QXPMarkz macOS, with InDesign 2021 support, to the Q2ID bundle. If you own a current, qualifying Q2ID License, you can use the License Link provided to you at the time of purchase, to access the update. QXPMarkz, part of the new “Markz” line of applications, is replacing Q2ID. The stand-alone QXPMarkz application allows you to convert and open your QuarkXPress documents in Adobe InDesign, without the need for the QuarkXPress application. QXPMarkz converts Quark files to IDML, which opens up several possibilities. Mainly, it allows you to convert Quark files to InDesign without having QuarkXPress loaded on your computer, but, it also allows you to send those IDML files to Affinity Publisher version 1.8 or higher.

QXPMarkz also has the ability to export the text out of a QXP file and save it as plain text, RTF or HTML. Another trick is you get a rough preview of the QXP file. This preview can be exported as several different bitmap formats including PNG and JPEG. And finally, you can view a file inspector panel with file details, including the number of images and fonts detected in the QXP file. System requirements for QXPMarkz include macOS 10.12 or newer, 4GB of RAM, 1024×768 display, and an Internet connection. (Note: A Windows version is in the works.) For those who would like a perpetual license of QXPMarkz, you can purchase via the QXPMarkz page on the website and through authorized Resellers.

Mapp Cloud introduces new features

Mapp is launching a comprehensive product update of Mapp Cloud, its digital marketing platform. The Fall Update includes 18 new features, improvements, and integrations. The package provides marketers with greater ability to use Mapp Cloud and its modules effectively, and specifically focuses on customer intelligence, marketing analytics, personalization, and automation from a single source. Sending interactive emails with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), offers a new range of options for the creation of dynamic content. With AMP, emails can quickly be configured, personalized, and enriched with interactive elements within the email itself. New Customer Data Platform (CDP) functionality in the Unified Customer Profile provides marketers with a view of every individual customer by visualizing their attributes, transactions, and engagement in one single place. Cookieless Tracking, enabling marketers to track website visitors without the use of cookies or other technical tools that use user-identifiable information. Marketers and analysts will still be able to analyze website and campaign performance, but without sacrificing the anonymity of their customers and prospects. Mapp’s Fall Update contains many more new features and improvements. A detailed summary of all the new features can be found at:

Google introduces Document AI platform for document processing

Google Cloud announced the new Document AI (DocAI) platform, a unified console for document processing. Transforming documents into structured data increases the speed of decision making for companies, unlocking business value and helping develop better experiences for customers. Historically, doing this at scale hasn’t been efficient. DocAI is designed to help businesses use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate these processes. Today, the DocAI platform is available in preview, enabling you to:

  • Ensure your data is accurate and compliant: Automate and validate all your documents to streamline compliance workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.
  • Make better business decisions: Improve operational efficiency by extracting structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to your business applications and users.
  • Use your data to meet customer expectations: Leverage insights to meet customer expectations and improve CSAT, advocacy, lifetime value, and spend.

With the new DocAI platform, you can access all parsers, tools and solutions (e.g. Lending DocAI, Procurement DocAI) with a unified API, enabling a document solution from evaluation to deployment. It allows creation and customization of document processing workflows. Data extraction is now easier because the specialized parsers on the platform are built with Google Cloud’s predefined taxonomy, without the need to perform additional data mapping or training. General parsers such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Form parser, and Document splitter are publicly accessible. You can also request access to specialized parsers such as W9, 1040, W2, 1099-MISC, 1003, invoice, and receipts.

Yottaa RAPID inSITE added to Episerver App Marketplace

Yottaa announced they are adding eCommerce acceleration as an application in the Episerver App Marketplace. Yottaa’s RAPID inSITE enables brands to gain visibility into how their website is currently performing and see how third-party technologies and other site elements are impacting page load time. Studies have shown that third parties account for up to 75% of site latency and that slow loading pages result in lower conversion. As an app for Episerver’s Commerce Cloud, RAPID inSITE helps meet business demand for faster performing eCommerce sites while also enabling brands to add a multitude of the third-party features that shoppers have come to expect without impacting site speed. Episerver tests each new application or add on for functionality, security and user-interface; ongoing support is held with Yottaa.

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