Mapp is launching a comprehensive product update of Mapp Cloud, its digital marketing platform. The Fall Update includes 18 new features, improvements, and integrations. The package provides marketers with greater ability to use Mapp Cloud and its modules effectively, and specifically focuses on customer intelligence, marketing analytics, personalization, and automation from a single source. Sending interactive emails with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), offers a new range of options for the creation of dynamic content. With AMP, emails can quickly be configured, personalized, and enriched with interactive elements within the email itself. New Customer Data Platform (CDP) functionality in the Unified Customer Profile provides marketers with a view of every individual customer by visualizing their attributes, transactions, and engagement in one single place. Cookieless Tracking, enabling marketers to track website visitors without the use of cookies or other technical tools that use user-identifiable information. Marketers and analysts will still be able to analyze website and campaign performance, but without sacrificing the anonymity of their customers and prospects. Mapp’s Fall Update contains many more new features and improvements. A detailed summary of all the new features can be found at: