Quark Inc. took the wraps off QuarkXPress 5.0, unveiling core technologies designed to streamline the process of making content flexible and appropriate to its delivery medium. Quark said they will continue to improve the set of features in QuarkXPress, and add HTML and XML tools for Web communications, giving publishers the ability to publish to multiple media as easily as to one. QuarkXPress 5.0 software will allow users to design and lay out documents for export as HTML, including support for image maps, rollovers, meta tags, and forms. Users will be able to create hyperlinks and control all basic HTML page options, such as background images and page titles. The QuarkXPress style sheet feature will be complimented by cascading style sheet (CSS) formatting for the Web. The HTML code generated by QuarkXPress 5.0 will be table-based for compatibility with version 4.0 browsers and above. Quark will bundle the avenue.quark software free with QuarkXPress 5.0, giving every copy of QuarkXPress round-trip support for XML. Avenue.quark is XTensions software that allows publishers to richly describe their QuarkXPress content in XML or automatically insert and format XML content in a QuarkXPress document. QuarkXPress 5.0 is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of this year. www.quark.com