MarkLogic Corporation announced Data Hub Central, the newest capability of MarkLogic Data Hub Service. Data Hub Central provides a simple user interface for self-service data integration where developers, architects, and business analysts can collaborate to integrate, explore, analyze, and share consistent data assets tailored to business needs. With MarkLogic’s built-in search capability, Data Hub Central enables analysts to “shop” for the exact data sets needed to solve business problems. Data sets can be saved, shared, and re-used in popular BI tools – without having to make an IT request.

Data Hub Central spans the integration lifecycle in a single interface. It enables architects who are tasked with overseeing data modeling and governance to collaborate with business analysts to define data models and relationships in the language of the business. Systems analysts, who understand source systems and data, can go to Data Hub Central to look at and adjust the model. As the model is adjusted, data can be loaded from multiple source systems to see how it maps to the target model, as it is changed. Developers have a centralized source of data assets and do not have to wait on lengthy ETL cycles to get access to the data. While Data Hub Central provides no-code capabilities, it is also extensible. While data experts are using it to integrate the data, developers can write re-usable components that extend and customize it. Because Data Hub Central runs as part of MarkLogic Data Hub Service, it has the same enterprise data security capabilities enforced at the data layer.