Smarsh introduced voice recording, transcription and archiving support for Microsoft Teams. Already providing text-based capture and archiving for Teams, Smarsh now enables clients to adopt another mode of communication and collaboration to help regulated organizations meet compliance and e-discovery obligations. Teams audio files can be transcribed in over 120 languages and regional dialects. Once ingested into Smarsh Connected Archive solutions, content is automatically indexed, stored in immutable format and accessible at any time in a search-ready state. Customers can play back voice calls (including those made within and outside of Teams meetings), and search voice transcriptions and call metadata alongside all of the content within their archive. They can also extend Supervision and Discovery workflows to include Teams voice content.

Beyond support for voice files and transcription, Smarsh captures content in one-to-one chats, multi-party chats and persistent channels including edits, deletes, replies, emojis, GIFs, files, stickers and links. Smarsh also captures content across other channels, including email, mobile text messages, collaboration platforms, social media and voice channels. Content can be ingested into Smarsh Connected Archive solutions or can be exported to an existing archive or enterprise content management (ECM) system.