Inxight Software, Inc. announced a new alliance with Plumtree Software. Plumtree has licensed Inxight’s language processing technology, Inxight LinguistX Platform, to expand the multilingual search capabilities in Plumtree Search Server. Plumtree Search Server queries and indexes content including project documents stored by Plumtree Collaboration Server, Web pages managed by Plumtree Content Server, and content indexed from file systems, Web sites and document databases into the portal’s document directory. With the added multilingual functionality from Inxight, Plumtree Search Server will provide more extensive search returns for international customers. Plumtree Search Server indexes content in the portal’s document directory and frees administrators from having to manage multiple search indexes. Inxight’s technology will add advanced linguistic features for identifying core search terms in multiple languages within Plumtree Search Server.