Adobe Systems Incorporated announced a broad strategic initiative targeting costs and operational inefficiencies caused by disconnected data and document processes across the extended enterprise. Adobe is leveraging XML and PDF, products and technologies from Adobe and its partners, along with new system integrator relationships to deliver customized solutions adapted to enterprise requirements. Adobe’s solutions address automating forms, eliminating paper, and keeping compliant with government initiatives. Key components of the solution are Adobe’s new Acrobat 6.0 family and Adobe’s XML architecture. The company also announced alliances with IBM, Intel, Access, Documentum, and PTC to deliver complete end-to-end document processes for applications such as content management, digital signatures, and product lifecycle management. Adobe is also working with IBM, Documentum and Open Text and SAP, to bridge the gap between structured and unstructured data. In the manufacturing segment, software from PTC and Agile will link with Adobe Acrobat desktop software to help companies manage the product lifecycle process with review and mark-up capabilities.