Endeca announced the immediate availability of its enterprise search solution, Endeca ProFind. Built on the Endeca Navigation Engine, Endeca ProFind enables users to navigate through enterprise data to find the precise document or piece of information they need, quickly and efficiently. In addition to helping users find what they are looking for, Endeca ProFind creates “information portals” that help users discover information that they didn’t know was there. For example, an engineer looking for information on jet engine boosters can navigate through documents and parts data using Guided Navigation revealing a specific “product upgrade” that she otherwise may not have known existed until she actually went to order the part. As Endeca ProFind helps the engineer refine her search to find the information she needs, it also presents the engineer with an “information portal” that includes other documents on jet engine boosters and other related parts specifications and information that may be of interest. With Endeca ProFind, the engineer not only pinpoints the information she wants, but has the opportunity to discover related information. www.endeca.com