Percussion Software announced a partnership agreement with Olidium, who will integrate its technology with Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager and offer the products in tandem to customers. C3Liaison is an Internet-based platform allowing customers, suppliers and trading partners to collaborate, manage and share an extended network of business processes and inter-enterprise applications. The C3Liaison suite of applications comprises a portal framework and seven applications: catalog manager, sourcing, procurement, fulfillment visibility, asset management, collaborative inventory and maintenance, repair and engineering (MRE). Olidium supports Sun Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems; as well as Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server databases. It has been built to be integrated with legacy ERP systems and other vertical applications. C3Liaison will integrate with Rhythmyx Content Manager V4.5 to update and repurpose content via Olidium’s Rhythmyx Publisher Plug-in. This integration will occur in three main areas of Olidium’s C3Liaison suite: Portlets, Catalog Manager and Documentation.,