Systems Inc. (ASI) announced the availability of Visual Net Enterprise (VNE). Visual Net Enterprise gives users an intuitive, efficient, and graphical “search and discovery” tool to organize, browse, and view large amounts of data in multiple databases and media formats. Visual Net Enterprise transforms enterprise information into large-scale data maps, and provides a navigation interface featuring context-rich visuals. VNE uses’s visual mapping technology to show relevant and related data as defined by the customer. Visual mapping of data enables users to go from merely searching for information to strategizing and organizing data. Users browse through categories of data laid out on a map to quickly understand the types of data available to them. At the same time, they get information about the most relevant data in a visual representation. This enables users to quickly see all pertinent data and determine what information best serves their needs. Visual Net offers: Navigation across multiple data sources in a variety of formats; Internationalized language capability; A customizable data display; Scalability; and Easy updating. Visual Net takes all category/object attributes, and supplements this data with metadata collected by ASI’s robot module. Based on all these attributes, the backend subsystem gives each category/object pairing a graphic representation and a unique X and Z location on a two-dimensional map. Visual Net can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as research libraries, corporate Intranets, eCommerce and retail cataloging. Visual Net is offered as a standalone application or as part of custom applications provided directly or through ASI’s partner channel. Visual Net Enterprise and Visual Net for Libraries, launched April 2001, are available immediately. Pricing varies based on application.