Documentum announced the release of Documentum 4i Web Content Management Edition (WCM) localized for French, German and Spanish. These localized editions are based on the newly released WCM Edition 4.2 and include the new features for cross-team collaboration, workflow, tagging automation, multi-channel publishing, and administration. Documentum 4i WCM French Edition, Documentum 4i WCM German Edition and Documentum 4i WCM Spanish Edition are each comprised of several products from Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform bundled with prescribed training and maintenance. Products included are: Documentum WebPublisher for content authors, Documentum AutoRender for automated transformation of content into appropriate web formats, Documentum Site Delivery Services for efficient content delivery to Web sites consisting of Documentum WebCache, which provides high-speed access to repository-controlled content and metadata and Documentum ContentCaster which, pushes content to globally distributed Web servers for synchronized deployment. The package is offered at different levels to address varying degrees of deployment with prices starting at approximately $200,000.