Artesia Technologies and Accumedia announced that Accumedia has adopted Artesia’s TEAMS solution as an integral part of its Accumedia Convergence Platform (ACP) for the management and publishing of both enterprise and Web content. With the addition of TEAMS, the Accumedia Convergence Platform delivers a complete integration of site design, Web content management, digital asset management, content relevance and content delivery to offer customers an end-to-end solution for the management and distribution of rich media. The Accumedia Convergence Platform will now offer advanced editing, search and retrieval functionality across all media types through the use of TEAMS features such as link management, XML-based transformer, Clip Identifier and Play Decision List applications. The combined TEAMS/ACP’s ability to ingest and edit the underlying XML-based metadata, as well as the asset itself, ensures that significant rights and permissions information governing content ownership can be embedded directly into an asset and easily integrated with a variety of approaches to digital rights management. This also allows organizations to easily extend access to these assets across business divisions and leverage their reuse throughout the enterprise.,