Interwoven, Inc. announced the PortalReady SDK (Software Development Kit), a standards-based interface for rapidly integrating portal software with Interwoven’s Content Infrastructure. Five “early adopter” portal vendors are announcing the integration of their portal infrastructure in parallel with the development of the Interwoven PortalReady SDK. Epicentric, IBM, iPlanet, Plumtree, and TIBCO will each be shipping portal products integrated with Interwoven’s Content Infrastructure products in Q3. Art Technology Group (ATG), BEA Systems, Bowstreet, DataChannel, PeopleSoft, and Sybase have also indicated their intent to integrate their portal product lines with Interwoven Content Infrastructure through its PortalReady SDK. The PortalReady SDK is built on SOAP and XML and provides support to both .NET and J2EE for all portal environments. In addition, the PortalReady SDK includes a function-rich, customer-extensible framework designed to grow with evolving portal requirements and support enhancements to Content Infrastructure. Interwoven will also be providing certification support to portal partners employing the PortalReady SDK for integration, including certification criteria and reporting. The PortalReady SDK will be available in Q3.