Infoteria Corporation announced the Asteria Platform for RosettaNet, an XML solution for RosettaNet supply-chain automation. The Asteria Platform is designed to accelerate and optimize the formation, expansion and management of secure RosettaNet trading networks to enable supply-chain partners of all sizes to benefit from automation of their commercial relationships. The Asteria Platform for RosettaNet consists of the Asteria Server, Asteria Planet and Asteria Components. Asteria Server delivers a complete solution for organizations looking to integrate their current operational systems, both front- and back-office, into the expanding trading community adopting RosettaNet standards. Asteria Planet offers trading partners of any size an affordable solution to connect a limited number of key trading partners. Asteria Components provide all the discrete tools necessary for specific projects in business process automation, including tools for efficient XML creation, adapters for traditional database systems and a utility to automate sending and receiving XML documents via Internet infrastructure. Enterprise engagements including Asteria Server for RosettaNet will start in the $200,000 range, and Asteria Planet for RosettaNet Basics starts at $20,000. The Asteria Server and Planet will be available in the third quarter of 2001; the Asteria Components are available and shipping now.