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Active Navigation Announces Portal Maximizer 2

Active Navigation, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Portal Maximizer 2, a content management and search solution that enables enterprise intranets and portals to go beyond typical searching capabilities. Portal Maximizer 2 automatically categorizes and analyzes content and provides advanced navigation capabilities to help companies overcome the time it takes for employees, customers and partners to find the information they need. Building on technology for automatic cross-referencing of content in the first release, Portal Maximizer 2 adds four new features — categorization of content; immediate identification of related documents; enhanced search; and the ability to summarize documents on the fly. Active Navigation’s solution also integrates with existing publishing workflow solutions and site security policies. Portal Maximizer 2 analyzes content to identify the most important concepts. The content is then automatically indexed and linked on the fly without any HTML coding. Active Navigation’s solution shrinks the volumes of unrelated results typical of search engines, while quickly providing users with access to untapped information that is often lost in the masses of content on Web portals and corporate intranets. Enterprises and eBusinesses with existing enterprise portals or intranets can both expand the reach and significantly lower the cost of managing sites with Portal Maximizer 2. The new “related documents” feature tracks down other pages that address the same topics, and dynamically updates the document with links as new information is made available. The enhanced search functionality has an automatic drill down feature that typically enables users to find what they want in three clicks. In addition, the newly integrated and enhanced “summarization” feature offers thorough summaries of found and related documents resulting from a search. Portal Maximizer 2 runs on the Windows NT/2000, Solaris, and Linux platforms and is available immediately for an average cost of $75,000 per server.

Sybase & Document Sciences Form Alliance for Enterprise Portal Presentment

Sybase, Inc. announced a marketing alliance with Document Sciences Corporation. Through the alliance, Document Sciences Corporation will offer Sybase Enterprise Portal Customers rapid application development tools (RAD) for dynamic Web and print Content Automation of eProposals, eStatements, and eCorrespondence. The Sybase Enterprise Portal is an enterprise portal that offers continuous availability. It cradles the key functions of integration and personalization in an environment of continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Built in are core portal components like content management, personalization, content retrieval and an extensive array of integration options for data, events and applications. Also included is systems management, a security framework that encompasses all elements of the portal and a meta-data repository. Document Sciences’ family of RAD tools for delivering personalized, compliant data-rich content via Web or print includes DLS Enterprise, for delivering regulated document applications such as insurance policies and contracts; DLS Web Express, for instant web or print delivery of proposals and quotes; and soon-to-be-released Visual CompuSet Professional Web Designer, for building personalized portal applications for high-value financial account management.,

iLanguage & Uniscape Partner to Power Global Web Sites

iLanguage, Inc. and Uniscape announced a partnership to jointly market their products and services. Uniscape will become iLanguage’s preferred technology vendor for providing translation and globalization services. iLanguage will also become a Uniscape Preferred Vendor of localization and translation services for customers of the Uniscape Globalization Infrastructure. The partnership is designed to offer a comprehensive globalization solution to Global 1000 companies looking to globalize their Web sites. Uniscape provides a comprehensive globalization solution that tackles the challenges required to manage a global, multilingual Web presence. The Uniscape Globalization Infrastructure is a scalable, automated and highly reliable globalization platform that speeds the delivery of marketing and product content across more than 40 languages. iLanguage provides the translation and localization services in conjunction with the Uniscape technology platform to Global 1000 customers. iLanguage has developed a new business model for translation services by creating strategically located translation centers, similar to call centers, in areas such as the Caribbean, Costa Rica and other offshore locations.,

Documentum Announces Portal Strategy & 7 Partners

Documentum announced a partnering strategy designed to facilitate global implementations of its Portal Content Management Edition as a content management foundation for enterprise portal initiatives. As part of the strategy, Documentum is working with portal vendors to deliver out-of-the-box integration with their existing portal products. Documentum’s Portal Content Management Edition also delivers training and support services required to facilitate quick and easy deployment of these integrated solutions. Joint marketing and sales initiatives are underway with portal partners. Representative technology partners include: Verity, Plumtree, Epicentric, TopTier, Corechange, Semio, and Autonomy.

Ariba & Vignette Form Alliance

Vignette Corp and Ariba, Inc announced a strategic alliance to deliver solutions that enable buyers, suppliers and marketplaces to deepen relationships with their trading partners. Under the agreement, Vignette and Ariba will offer a B2B platform for enabling marketplaces. The Ariba B2B Commerce Platform facilitates market makers with a multi-buyer, multi-supplier solution consisting of administration, transactional capability and scalable infrastructure. The Vignette customer driven Internet applications provide marketplace community framework, content management, personalization and integration. The Ariba-Vignette joint solution will benefit all participants in a given marketplace. Suppliers will be able to differentiate their offerings by providing rich content and product data and by promoting their products with advanced product substitution and product bundling capabilities. Buyers will be able to increase efficiencies in a number of commerce scenarios by providing highly personalized interaction with product catalogs. Market makers will be able to improve their ability to attract and retain buyers and suppliers by providing an improved market environment and the ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.,

Haht & Eprise Sign OEM Agreement

HAHT Commerce and Eprise Corporation announced an OEM partnership agreement to integrate Eprise Participant Server and its Strategic Content Management capabilities into Haht’s business-to-business e-selling applications, the HAHT Commerce e-Scenarios suite. Under the terms of the agreement, HAHT will actively resell and deploy the combined solution to its customers, providing a foundation for creating and maintaining targeted Web sites that enable customers to leverage Strategic Content Management functionality from Eprise to more effectively and efficiently manage the catalog information housed within the HAHT Commerce catalog. The key to successful B2B e-commerce Web sites is to cater to users’ needs while accomplishing business goals. The combination of HAHT Commerce e-Scenarios with Strategic Content Management from Eprise provides a solution that will allow organizations to streamline critical processes to provide better customer service.,

Gauss & NewWave Form Partnership

Gauss announced that Gauss and NewWave Technologies, a full service distributor with 2000 resellers nationwide in the document management space, have formed a distribution partnership. In the initial stage of the deal, NewWave will distribute the NT supported version of VIP SpyVision – the multi-platform document management and workflow module of the VIP unified content management platform. The first phase will also entail joint marketing and training programs. NewWave Technologies is expected to promote VIP’s Web content and Portal management modules in subsequent phases of the partnership. NewWave Technologies’ support infrastructure includes value-added services such as training, staffing and on site installations; as well as marketing services, Market development funding, mail campaigns, and telemarketing. A key differentiator driving the partnership is Gauss VIP’s ability to unify Web content and portal management, and document management and workflow on one integrated, modular platform. Future joint marketing efforts as well as the distribution program for VIP’s Web Content and Portal management components are being developed.,

FileNet Announces New Eprocess-Based Applications

FileNET announced Project Acenza, a new line of customer-driven eBusiness applications. Acenza applications will extend business processes and associated content across the Web in a variety of industries to provide increased operational efficiency. Based on FileNET’s Panagon technology, eBusiness applications delivered through the Project Acenza streamline the business processes associated with acquiring and servicing customers and business partners across the Web. The first eBusiness application, announced and available, is Acenza Claims. This application supports the rapid deployment of Web-enabled claims operations, linking customers, agents/brokers and employees in shared processes and content. All Acenza applications will automate core front-office and back-office business processes and systems, externalize these business processes to the Web, and create and manage associated electronic content utilizing the latest Panagon eProcess and eContent Management technology. The Acenza Claims application is easily configurable to accommodate specific business requirements and highly scalable to meet business growth. Designed for businesses that require a comprehensive claims processing platform, such as the property and casualty insurance and product warranty markets, Acenza Claims facilitates rapid access to all claims in progress, status and associated information. The application provides auditing, logging, distribution and reporting templates that can be easily configured and updated to specific eBusiness requirements. Acenza Claims is currently available directly from both the FileNET sales force, as well as select ValueNET partners, and will be delivered through FileNET Professional Services.

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