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Atomz Unveils Hosted Content Management

Atomz unveiled Atomz Publish, a new content management system for medium to large Web sites. Atomz Publish allows Web site managers and Web developers to add content management capabilities to any Web site quickly and enables multiple people to update a Web site, keeping Web site content fresh and effective. Business users, who are used to having to wait to get content pushed to the Web site, can now be given control over tasks like publishing a news release, updating a job listing, or changing content on any page of the site without needing to know HTML. Atomz Publish is a hosted application that is delivered completely through the Internet, using a Web browser. There is no software to install or additional hardware needed, and it eliminates the typical IT efforts associated with installing and maintaining a complex, server-based content management system. There is no special programming language to learn and there is no need to install a database or hire a database administrator. The result is that Atomz Publish is quick to deploy and significantly less expensive than existing content management applications. It also includes advanced features such as versioning and roll-back of published files, plus seamless integration with Atomz Search, the leading hosted site search engine. The team managing the Web site retains complete control with Atomz Publish. The key to the Atomz Publish solution is its template system that allows Web designers to clearly separate Web content from site design by using basic HTML tags to create an XML database of content – transparently creating the database schema as part of the process. The Web designer then provides access to non-technical users of the Web site so that they can edit the content themselves. Webmasters can use Atomz Publish across their entire site or in the sections of their site with the most rapidly changing content – places where they want to provide content editors the ability to add, modify, update and delete their own content. A simple HTML editor inside Atomz Publish creates the templates, or if users prefer, they can use popular Web authoring tools, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive.

eXcelon & Collego Announce Alliance

eXcelon Corporation and Collego Corporation announced a strategic business and technical alliance aimed at companies who are reengineering their electronic catalog strategies. Under terms of the agreement, eXcelon and Collego will integrate their respective products and services. eXcelon’s B2B Portal Server and Supplier Connect will enable Internet sellers to connect and automate e-market transactions with the customer’s existing back-office systems and business processes. The Atomic Catalog from Collego allows customers to easily build and deliver dynamic eCatalogs for multiple selling channels. The combined solution is being marketed to Fortune 1,000 companies with complex product offerings. eXcelon’s B2B infrastructure products and services offer suppliers bi-directional automation between internal systems and multiple online markets. Internal automation capabilities enable a supplier to build sophisticated, computer-driven processes that streamline interaction with multiple markets by removing the need for inefficient email and fax communication to process eMarket orders. External automation provides suppliers with new online selling capabilities, such as the ability to provide eMarket customers with more detailed product information, personalized corporate pricing and pre- and post-sales customer support. Atomic Catalog from Collego is a multi-purpose e-catalog management application that provides the scale, flexibility and ease of use to drive down product information management costs and speed time to market. With Atomic Catalog, business managers can leverage existing product information to create, organize and distribute high quality electronic catalogs to multiple destinations quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Atomic Catalog enables businesses to solve the many-to-many problem for mass customizing detailed product information.,

Ektron Enters into OEM Agreement with Allaire

Ektron, Inc. announced an OEM agreement with Allaire Corporation. Under the terms of the deal, Ektron’s eWebEditPro content editing tool is embedded into Allaire Spectra, Version 1.5, which started shipping last week. eWebEditPro’s functionality offers Allaire Spectra 1.5 users improved “anywhere authoring” including an HTML editor with spell check and table and cell support. eWebEditPro also features browser independence, so Allaire Spectra 1.5 users will be able to edit content from Netscape or Microsoft browsers. Allaire Spectra 1.5 is focused on ease-of-use and productivity enhancements, including authoring and editing improvements, which will be provided by eWebEditPro.,

OnePage Offers Aggregation Application & Partners with Linq

OnePage, Inc. announced a comprehensive content building application available for new and existing corporate portal installations. OnePage Content Aggregator for Corporate Portals is designed to accelerate the content development process for corporations creating external or internal facing portals. Using the OnePage Content Aggregator for Corporate Portals, corporations can now reach across any web site, capture any content and pull it back onto their corporate portal page, rapidly decreasing the deployment cycle, while giving employees, suppliers, and customers the content they want. Based on the company’s information retrieval technology, the new OnePage Content Aggregator for Corporate Portals makes content aggregation and presentation easier and more cost effective, addressing a critical information task for organizations whose employees, suppliers and customers rely on timely, relevant content. The company also announced a partnership with LINQ. Under the agreement, OnePage’s content aggregation technology will be offered to customers as an add-on service to LINQ’s LinqPortal product.,

Kinecta & Open Market Announce Arrangement

Kinecta Corporation and Open Market, Inc announced a joint sales, marketing and development agreement. The parties have agreed to develop a combined Kinecta Open Market solution, which is intended to allow businesses to leverage a single base of content assets to strengthen existing customer relationships on their own sites as well as target new customers and business opportunities on other sites across the Internet. Open Market will work with Kinecta to deliver solutions combining the Kinecta Interact syndication infrastructure solution with the Open Market Content Server content management solution. Both Open Market and Kinecta solutions are based on Java and XML and Kinecta Interact complies with the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol providing customers with an open-architected solution for the syndication of content. The combined technologies will be designed to empower companies to create, update and manage Web content by giving business users the ability to submit edit, approve and post content as needed. Through this agreement, Open Market and Kinecta customers will be able to deliver content to interested subscribers, partners and marketplaces in order to showcase their information, goods and services beyond the limits of their own site. The companies will maintain a co-branded information Web site for distribution, configuration, support and documentation of the Kinecta Interact platform for Open Market customers.,

IPNovation Technologies Announces Beta Release of XSL Studio

IPNovation Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the first beta release of IPNovation XSL Studio, an eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) editing application. XSL Studio simplifies the process of creating data-driven Web pages and increases productivity of XSL development by integrating visual HTML editor, XML data structure, XSL document object model, source code and Web page preview in a single visual environment. IPNovation XSL Studio is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing application for XSL authors and developers that enables the rapid building and editing of XSL-based data. With XSL Studio, developers can quickly create XSL documents in an iterative fashion, using familiar development environment with drag-and-drop functionality, wizard assistance, etc. XSL Studio offers an intuitive and simple user interface that graphically represents the tree structure of XSL data. The embedded graphical HTML editor allows the user to design templates and perform real-time XSL transformation. Source code editor provides color syntax highlighting to distinguish between tags, attributes, comments and non-markup text. XSL Studio provides a lot of other useful features in order to increase productivity of Rapid Application Development (RAD). IPNovation XSL Studio version 1.0 Beta 1 is available for evaluation download, free of charge.

NQL Releases Network Query Language for Solaris

NQL Inc. announced that the Java Edition of its Network Query Language technology is now qualified for Sun Microsystems’ Solaris operating system. NQL’s core technology, Network Query Language, is a scripting language that is suited for the rapid development of bots, intelligent agents, and content management solutions with capabilities in communications, data conversion, automation, and intelligent behavior. Capabilities offered in the Solaris version of the Network Query Language technology match those of the Windows version and contain essentially the same deployment features. NQL’s Windows and Java versions of the Network Query Language technology are available in three editions — workstation, server and enterprise. The company plans to continue qualifying Network Query Language technology for other operating systems with future development to include running the technology directly on Java-powered mobile devices.

EDS Bluesphere & Eprise Partner

EDS bluesphere and Eprise Corporation announced an agreement to jointly provide services and software for the web content management market. EDS’ consulting services will be combined with Strategic Content Management software from Eprise in a joint offering. In addition, EDS will utilize Participant Server by Eprise as a cornerstone technology for its own web content management efforts. EDS consultants are expected to complete Participant Server certification in the next several months, after which they will be able to provide site planning, architecture and implementation services to current Eprise and EDS customers.,

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